Travel Photography

Croatia Road Trip 2017 portfolio A one week family visit to Croatia. I have uploaded real images that hopefully represent the country and what you can expect during a visit. Thoroughly recommended and hopefully by the next visit I will have updated my 5DMK2. South East Asia (Bali and Beyond) 1990-2016 portfolio This portfolio is a personal favourite. Most of the images are based on Bali but I have also included some images from other parts of Indonesia and Thailand. Most if my old slides were damaged when I lived in Singapore due to mould which was very disappointing.
One week in Iceland 2015 portfolio I hope that the images capture some of the beauty of this unique part of the world. Iceland is young and volcanic and has some really unique scenery and landscape. Iceland really is a country of sharp contrasts where fire and ice co-exist. New Zealand South Island Road Trip 2012 portfolio The South Island of New Zealand is a really special place an is justifiably renowned for its mountains, lakes and glaciers. It is a trip I will never forget and dream of visiting again.
A Taste of Italy 2003-2016 portfolio A selection of images from different regions in Italy. I would suggest contacting Rod and Caroline at Villa Rosalena for class accommodation. Details can be found on the links page. City Break Photography 2005-2017 portfolio This portfolio will showcase a selection of my own travel images from city breaks. The portfolio also includes images from locations that are in close proximity to the cities and are possible to visit on a day trip. Hope you enjoy this selection.
Santorini 2009 (European Travel Destination) portfolio Certainly one of the most beautiful islands in the world. We spent two weeks here and were so glad we did not just do a one day cruise stop. The scenery is so unique, the food is delicious and the locals are just great. BC and the Rockies,Canada 2013 portfolio This is my humble attempt to capture the spectacular scenery and wildlife of British Columbia and the Rockies in a single visit. Being there cannot be replaced.
USA (South West Road Trip 2007) portfolio This was my first trip with a digital SLR. It was a family holiday and we all agreed it was the best we ever had. We had so many adventures and were so in awe at the ever changing landscape. 
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