Lecale & Strangford Lough

Castleward Landscapes portfolio Castleward has become even more popular due to the film industry using it as a location. I spent much of my childhood here as my grandparents and uncle helped to manage and maintain the estate. Castleward Nature portfolio Castleward used to be alive with wildlife and wild flowers but in the last 30 years the numbers have declined. There are still some glimpses of the past along the shores and in the hedgerows. You need to visit early morning.
The Lecale Coastline portfolio A favourite of locals in the heart of County Down, the Lecale Coastline, is located between Strangford Lough and the Mourne Mountains and has a low, sometimes sandy, rocky or grassy shoreline. The coastline is also a sanctuary for wildlife. Downpatrick portfolio A selection of images taken in and around Downpatrick, County Down
The Quoile River and Inch Abbey portfolio The images in this portfolio are all within walking distance of my house and have been used recently by the film industry. Killyleagh and Delamont portfolio A selection of images taken in and around Killyleagh, County Down. Delamont is situated on the shores of Strangford Lough in an area of natural beauty.
From Above portfolio A small selection of images taken from a light aircraft above my local area 
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